Chairman’s Letter

    • Amon Company for Shipping Agencies is one of the leading Companies in Egypt, Our Company has got I.S.O 9001 Certificate.
    • The Company is Subordinate to the Holding Company for Maritime & Land Transport. Alexandria Container Handling Co. has 50% of the Capital of Amon Co.
    • We Provide a High Quality of Shipping Services for all types of ships.
    • Our Company Works under Low No. 91 issued in 1981 with    L.E. 10.000000 Capital divided into 2 Million Shares.
    • Our Target is to achieve Quality and Competency, Reliable Service on Time with Best Prices.
    • The Company applies the most Update Communications, Computers and I T.
    • Amon Co. Provides Agency services for Liner and Chartered Vessel e.g. Passenger Ships, Cargo Ships, Lash, Heavy Lift Ships, Tankers., etc.

    Our main activities are:
    1-Full range of Agency services at all Egyptian Ports.
    2-Intermodal Forwarding Services.
    3-Customs Clearance as we have Circular Guarantee
     Letter its Value is L.E. 5 Millions.
    4-Warehousing and Inland Transport.
    5-Cargo Booking on Chartered Vessels (Time C/P , Voyage C/P).
    6-Tourism Marketing (Haj and Omra).
    7-Crew Change, Hospitalization and Repatriation.
     8-Suez canal Transit service.
    9-Cahrtering & Brokerage.

    10-Multi-modal Transport.