§         Full Agency services at all Egyptian Ports including Suez Canal Transits.

§         Full Agency Services for all types of Vessels including Passenger Ships, Tankers, heavy lifters etc.

§         Forwarding.

§         Marketing.

§         Customs Clearance.

§         Cargo Bookings to / from Egypt.

§         Inland Transportation.

§         Storage (We have open areas in Alexandria & Dekheila Ports).

§         Signing On / Off and Repatriation of Crews. comprising all formalities from the moment they arrive at the airport up to their boarding the ship, and Vice-Versa from the moment they leave the ship up to boarding the plane.

§         Manning.            


Explanatory Note

Due to our long experience and solid infrastructure, we are effecting Customs Clearance and attend to all Crew matters entrusted to our Agency even by lines which we don’t represent.